We recommend a comprehensive examination of your vision and ocular health in order to maintain and preserve your vision and sight.  A comprehensive examination will help screen and detect potential problems that may lead to deterioration of your vision as not all conditions begins with obvious signs and conditions.  It will also set the groundwork for a discussion on current needs and future concerns  We are equipped and use equipment to diagnose cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma, diabetes, as well as corneal pathologies.  

Eye Exams MississaugaOur eye examinations include

  • Review of your health, medications, ocular demands, and eyewear
  • Examine visual acuity
  • Measurement and coordination of the movement of eye muscles
  • Refraction to determine the best prescription for your glasses,
  • Examination of the eye health
  • Discussion and plan of action

Supplemental tests may include

  • Contacts lens measurement and fitting
  • Lasik consultation
  • Dry eye consultation
  • Orthokeratology reshaping, OK lens, corneal reshaping
  • Retinal photography of the fundus
  • Visual fields testing of the peripheral vision
  • Topography of the cornea
  • Dry Eye testing and treatment
  • Ocular Coherence Topography (OCT)